• Advocate For Our Youngest Virginians:


    Child Care and Safety; Education; Health and Wellness

  • Proven Record of Promoting & Protecting Conservation Efforts and Our Natural Resources: Farmland and AG BMPs, Chesapeake Bay and Our Waters, and State Parks

  • Real Leadership:


    Senate Finance Co-Chair Working to Keep VA's Taxes Low and Address Issues in Healthcare, Mental Health, Education, the Environment, Economic Development & VA Values

Emmett HangerWelcome Friends

It is an honor for me to serve you as a member of the Virginia Senate. It creates the opportunity for me, acting on your behalf, to work for good government and improved quality of life for all Virginians. I regard it not only as an honor, but a huge responsibility.

Specifically my duty, as I see it, is to be the personal representative of all of the citizens of the 24th Senatorial District. I take the responsibility seriously and have worked very hard over the past 20 years to acquire the knowledge and build the relationships necessary to represent you well.

As a member of the leadership of the Senate, my primary focus is to work for the best interests of the over 200,000 citizens I am entrusted to represent. I enjoy the work I have been entrusted to do. I enjoy the people I have had the privilege to meet. I appreciate the decency of the families and lifestyles that I represent in the 24th District. I enjoy making a difference in the quality of life throughout this great Commonwealth. We can do better, but I am proud of Virginia and pleased to be a part of the leadership as we have been rated the number one state in the nation for business, the number one state in the nation for education outcomes, a state with one of the lowest tax burdens in the nation, and one of the best managed states in the nation.

Thanks so much,