Editorial in The News Virginian –┬áMarch 20, 2015

The Rockingham County community has benefited greatly from the leadership provided by the current senator from the 24th Senate District, Emmett Hanger. Each of the undersigned strongly supports Sen. Hanger and endorses his candidacy for re-election in 2015.

Sen. Hanger is a champion for local issues, listening carefully when local government raises issues with proposed legislation, seeking input from those who will have the responsibility to implement the new law at the local level and is insistent in the Commonwealth meeting its obligation for funding the state’s fair share of the programs the General Assembly mandates.

As a member of the Senate Finance Committee and also a budget conferee, Sen. Hanger helps to ensure the Valley has a voice at the table. The growth in Virginia’s population over the past 20 years has not been even throughout the Commonwealth, resulting in a lessening of the number of votes in the General Assembly from the less urbanized areas of the state. He, along with Delegate Steve Landes, a fellow budget conferee, work diligently to help craft a balanced budget, which protects the important funding priorities of the Valley and the fiscal conservatism ideals that have made Virginia a top state in the United States for businesses to local and expand. Their leadership in these key decisions is critical to retaining and attracting jobs in our community.

As chairman of the Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources Commission, Sen. Hanger looks to promote the best management practices that help Rockingham and Augusta counties continue to be the number one and number two agricultural counties in the Commonwealth and leaders in the United States. He has been supportive as local governments worked with the General Assembly to expand the options for diversifying small farms to conduct craft operations, helping to diversify agriculture and changing the face of farming in parts of the Commonwealth, while also helping to protect the beauty and ambiance of the Shenandoah Valley.

Emmett Hanger serves as a senior member of the Senate of Virginia. Our observation is that Sen. Hanger works diligently to balance the needs of the Commonwealth against the resources provided to meet those demands. He seeks to partner with local government to provide the critical public services our citizens expect with a long-range view of how to meet those demands in an evolving Virginia economy. It is as critical now as ever for the Shenandoah Valley to have a senior voice in the Senate to protect the views and needs of our citizens.

Please join us in supporting Emmett Hanger in the primary to be held in southeastern Rockingham County, Augusta County, Greene County, Madison County and the cities of Staunton and Waynesboro on June 9.

Palbo Cuevas

Rick Chandler

Fredrick Eberly

William Kyger Jr.

Michael Breeden

Rockingham County supervisors